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My Summer Fashion
Regular wear

If you see me during summer, I would most probably be wearing – shorts, jeans, T-shirt, scarf, biker boots or Puma pumps. I love to make my own shorts. When it’s summer, I would cut up a few pants into three-quarters. I love to design T-shirts too. Because long doll dress are in fashion this year, I would choose M-sized male T-shirts and either roll or cut their sleeves to turn them into dresses!

Favourite accessories

Scarves are my top choice for accessories. Even if it is summer I would wear them in different styles! I especially adore big-sized scarves because of their flexibility to change into head scarves, handkerchiefs or even accessories for handbag. There is a different kind of feel for different styles. If I’m wearing something casual, I would wear a striking scarf and the effect would be there too.

I love to collect different kinds of scarves, be it retro, flowery or tablecloth styles. Before skull totem designs were in fashion, I was in love with it, wearing the design everywhere when I go out. Even my friends started to fall in love with it and started to collect them. Haha.

Loves shopping

I often visit yahoo auction or ebay to see what the hottest item on sale is. Many sellers have good taste, and so they are able to sense what’s in fashion. I can even find my favourite European and Japanese brands. I would go to Urban Outfitter, H&M and Topshop websites and ask my friend to help me buy them from overseas and send it back to Taiwan for me.

Urban Outiftter items are pretty affordable, and many of their designers are new. Their clothes match with almost everything, and I would usually buy their T-shirts. I’m sure many of you are familiar with H&M; this brand has many collaborations with famous designers. It’s cutting and design are excellent and they are comfortable to wear. Topshop clothes are affordable too. Their Kate Moss collections are especially beautiful.

I wonder if anyone has noticed that the starry dress that I had wore for my “More More More” music video. I love that dress. Starry designs are the in thing this summer. In “3-Faced Elva”, I had tried many different looks, putting in a lot of effort in my dance, wushu or songs. Which Elva do you like most?

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