Meet Elva at ION Orchard on 16 Oct 2014!

ION Orchard turns 5 this year! 

To commemorate this special occasion, ION Orchard is inviting Elva to join in this joyous celebration! To get up close and personal with Elva, ION Orchard is giving away a pair of Meet & Greet passes each to 25 lucky winners. 

Elva Hsiao's Meet & Greet Session
Date: 16 October 2014, Thursday
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Venue: ION Sky

More details at

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Shut Up And Kiss Me Romantic Edition Out In Stores

Official Release Version

Release Date: 22 August 2014

Romantic Edition
Release Date 19 September 2014

Track Listing

01 不解释亲吻 Shut Up & Kiss Me
02 浪漫来袭 Romance Strikes 电视剧《16个夏天》片头曲 / 福特汽车Fiesta广告曲
03 敢伤 Dare to Love
04 劫后余生 Surviving
05 对谁都好 Play the Field
06 留爱查看 Love Detention
07 拥抱自己 Embrace Yourself
08 天雷地火 Trigger to the Thunder of Love 电影《蜘蛛人惊奇再起2: 电光之战》中文主题曲
09 爱面前谁都17岁 Love Like a Teen
10 窒爱 Suffocating Love
11 记得要微笑 Remember to Smile
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MV: 浪漫來襲 Romance Strikes


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MV: 留愛查看 Love Detention


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MV: 敢傷

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MV: 不解釋親吻 Shut Up and Kiss Me


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[Music] Latest Singles from Elva's Upcoming Album - Shut Up and Kiss Me

Listen to Elva's latest singles from her album "Shut Up and Kiss Me" (不解释亲吻) - 劫後餘生 and the titled song "Shut Up and Kiss Me". Her 13th album will be released on 22 Aug 2014, pre-order has begun in iTunes on 15 July 2014!  
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Pre-Order Elva's Latest Album on iTunes from 15 July 2014

 You can preorder Elva's upcoming album 《Shut up & Kiss me 》 exclusively on iTunes from 15 July 2014! In addition, you can download two brand new songs from the album after placing the order.

Source: Elva's instagram
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Elva Launches Her Own Label - Carry Me

Elva launches her own label - Carry Me in Taipei.

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao transformed her fight site to fashion industry by opening the first flagship store of her own brand "Carry Me" in Taipei, Taiwan, 21 January 2014, with investment around 1 million Singapore dollars. The super star was dressed up with a pale blue jumpsuit with junk necklace, trying to look powerful and chic. She was joined by good friends including actress Cheryl Yang and socialite Aimee Sun. Even if her actor boyfriend Kai Ko was absent from the event, he had already uploaded a picture earlier on social media of him using a "Carry Me" bag to support Elva. Speaking of the "personal spokesman", Elva joked he was too expensive for my starting brand. 

Source: Xin MSN
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Elva Countdowns to 2014 in Kao Hsiung

Elva ushered in the new year in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan, performing at the 2014 countdown concert in E-da World. She belted out hit after hit, from dance numbers like Miss Elva, More More More, Super Girl to sentimental ballads like I Love You So Much, Most Familiar Stranger. This is Elva's first countdown performance in Taiwan in 7 years.

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