Pre-Order Elva's Latest Album on iTunes from 15 July 2014

 You can preorder Elva's upcoming album 《Shut up & Kiss me 》 exclusively on iTunes from 15 July 2014! In addition, you can download two brand new songs from the album after placing the order.

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Elva Launches Her Own Label - Carry Me

Elva launches her own label - Carry Me in Taipei.

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao transformed her fight site to fashion industry by opening the first flagship store of her own brand "Carry Me" in Taipei, Taiwan, 21 January 2014, with investment around 1 million Singapore dollars. The super star was dressed up with a pale blue jumpsuit with junk necklace, trying to look powerful and chic. She was joined by good friends including actress Cheryl Yang and socialite Aimee Sun. Even if her actor boyfriend Kai Ko was absent from the event, he had already uploaded a picture earlier on social media of him using a "Carry Me" bag to support Elva. Speaking of the "personal spokesman", Elva joked he was too expensive for my starting brand. 

Source: Xin MSN
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Elva Countdowns to 2014 in Kao Hsiung

Elva ushered in the new year in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan, performing at the 2014 countdown concert in E-da World. She belted out hit after hit, from dance numbers like Miss Elva, More More More, Super Girl to sentimental ballads like I Love You So Much, Most Familiar Stranger. This is Elva's first countdown performance in Taiwan in 7 years.

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Elva Hsiao and Show Luo join Sony Music

Taiwanese pop diva Elva Hsiao and mandopop prince Show Luo attended a press conference to celebrate their joining Sony Music in Beijing, China on 1 August 2013. Elva was dressed up in a white deep V gown with shinny details, looking sexy and glamorous. Show Luo wore a black shimmery suit which was quite matched with Elva. He even joked that the celebration looked like their wedding.
In the press conference, Elva revealed that she hopes that she can release her first album under Sony Music by the end of the year, and that her concert world tour will kick start early next year.

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MV: 浪費

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MV: 放愛情一個假


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MV: 有愛到就好

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Super Girl Fearless Love

Official Release Version
Fearless Version
Love Version
Release Date: 21 Dec 2012


2012 Elva蕭亞軒「Super Girl愛無畏」新歌+精選

「Super Girl愛無畏」


愛 就是希望你好! 瀟灑背後的眼淚?聽著ELVA的抒情搖滾情歌,彷彿搭上痛心第一列車,抵擋不住的濃烈故事感!字字句句都鑲上心碎痕跡!

太多壓力、太多感情,是不是忘了好好對待自己? 不如放手,送自己一段小旅行。Elva送給所有工作狂的小禮物,一首感染戀愛心情的甜蜜情歌,聽完了,我們一起放愛情一個假期!

不能戀愛,浪費時間?蕭亞軒勇敢說反對! Super Girl戀愛心觀念:「愛就該浪費」。創新風格「微電子」合聲舞曲,我們都要愛自己多一些!


1首。 對唱曲Feat.韓庚



01.Super Girl 爱无畏 Super Girl [03:32]
02. 浪费 Indulge In Love [04:02]
03. 放爱情一个假 Give Love A Vacation [04:16]
04. 闪闪惹人爱 Shining Love [03:20]
05. WOW! (Feat. Show Lo) [03:15]
06. 爱不离手 Love Phone Or Me [03:29]
07. More More More [03:15]
08. 潇洒小姐 Miss Genuine [03:45]
09. 我爱我 I’m Ready [03:36]
10. 狂想.曲 Rhapsody The Song Of Missing You [03:42]
11. 速配程度 Match Degree [03:13]
12. 松松 Take It Easy [03:19]
13. 遗失的心跳 Missing Heartbeat [03:36]
14. 受够了 Enough Is Enough [03:03]
15. I’ll Be There [03:42]
16. 不爱.请闪开 Goodbye Bye Bye [03:28]
17. 钻石糖 Diamond Candy [04:12]
18. 让爱飞起来 Let Love Fly [03:34]

01. 有爱到就好 As Long As There Was Love [04:28]
02. 爱我不爱 Love Me Love Me Not [03:33]
03. 最佳听众 feat. 韩庚 The Listener (Feat. Han Geng) [03:47]
04. 错的人 Wrong Man [05:12]
05. 冲动 Impulse [04:39]
06. 倒数 Count Down [04:08]
07. 双面女神 Double Faced Goddess [03:15]
08. 同步呼吸 Sync Breathing [04:07]
09. 类似爱情 Similar To Love [04:41]
10. 逞强 Can’t Force Love [03:54]
11. 回不去了吗 Point Of No Return [04:44]
12. 馀温 I Still Feel You [04:00]
13. 玩笑 Joke [04:16]
14. 爱情的微光 Ray Of Love [05:27]
15. 我陪你哭 Cry With You [03:55]
16. 我们多久没牵手 No Hand In Hand [05:03]
17. 两个人的寂寞 Both Lonely [04:15]
18. 坦白 Confession [03:48]

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Captain Love Part III

Captain Love reminds everyone to relax and be yourself when you are out on a date.

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Super Girl Album Cover Shoot

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