Elva Promises to WOW

SINGAPORE: Dancing is a lot of fun.

But when you have to dance for 30 minutes straight, it becomes more tiring than fun.

Now, if you had to dance and sing for 30 minutes, like Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao will have to do during the Singapore leg of the 2010 Elva Hsiao WOW World Tour, it becomes work.

"It is pretty tiring," said Hsiao with a laugh during a recent phone interview with channelnewsasia.com.

"It will be a huge challenge in terms of stamina and physical fitness."

While she could have chosen not to put eight dance songs right at the start, Hsiao insisted on making sure that the WOW Concert Tour lives up to its name and wows audiences right off the bat.

"I want to impress the audience who come to this WOW Concert with the singing and dancing and leave them wide-eyed. I want to present the best to the audience!" Hsiao said confidently.

In preparation for her physically demanding concert, the actress said she is practising her dance moves intensively and had even checked out dance videos that could aid her performance while watching her diet and working out.

She also revealed that she would go through ten lavish diamond-themed costumes over the course of the show that she claims will be "pretty sexy".

"As to how sexy it is, you'll have to come and find out," said the singer, before revealing that a lot of precautions had to be made to ensure she didn't inadvertently expose herself during her high-energy dance numbers.

That loving feeling

Elva Hsiao always appears to be effervescent and spontaneous, both onstage as well as in her music videos.

But the 31-year-old pop star revealed that she is just as spontaneous when it comes to love and the relationships in her life.

"I don't have an ideal partner in mind at all. I am a person who follows my heart. I won't specifically pick people who are in showbiz or out of it," said Hsiao.

She added that age was no obstacle and that she would pick her partner "when cupid's arrow hits me and when the feeling comes."

"If there is no feeling, it won't matter who he is. When the feeling is right, that is enough."

But what exactly is this "feeling" she is looking for?

Hsiao chuckled and explained that she could not give a clear answer as this "feeling" is something "special and indescribable".

Whatever it is, the talented singer, whose younger brother recently got engaged, is still waiting for it and pointed out that she currently has no plans to marry.

"I still haven't thought of marriage," said Hsiao, pausing as she contemplated the issue.

"To me, marriage is really just a piece of paper, if two people love each other, they can still go together. It's more tragic if you don't love each other and get married.

"What's most important is that they (a couple) can give each other their hearts."

Source: CNA
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