Miss Elva is Here!

Taiwanese pop diva Elva will be releasing her 11th studio album, “Ms Cool” (蕭灑小姐) on 24 Sept 2010! Her first single, Ms Cool, was produced by award-winning musician Xiao An (小安), and written by renowned lyricist Ge Da Wei (葛大為). The single was a hit since its debut on the airwaves on 1 Sept, garnering lots of discussion on various forums.
The music video for the single costs more than NT$4m and spanned over 2 days to record. Directed by Chen Yi Ren (陳奕仁), who also directed “Profession” and “I’ll Be There”, the music video required the use of a Motion Control camera to create the world’s first 720 degree video shoot!
For the music video, Elva danced more than 30 hours, but she did not express any signs of fatigue, “This song is so invigorating, like riding a roller coaster. I’m not tired at all!” Elva explained. “My record company told me that the music video will be more spectacular than a 3D movie, making me so excited!”
As the video is shot by a motion control camera, every single movement and expression will be captured, hence Elva could not afford to relax on her performance, “I had to make sure that each of my pose is right!” As a perfectionist, Elva would ask her co-workers if there is anything wrong with her dance and if so she would request to dance a second time.

To achieve the perfect shot, Elva would dance repeatedly for more than 30 hours and 500 times, and the music video was completed in a record time of 2 days!

To accentuate the coolness of Ms Cool, the director arranged for Elva to portray a heroine to showcase her “Girl Power”, with Jimmy Hung, son of wushu artiste Sammo Hung, as action director. As a long-time friend of Elva, Jimmy took the opportunity to teach her as many actions as possible.

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