Elva's 11th Album will be out on 24 Sep 2010

Elva will be releasing her 11th studio album, 萧洒小姐 (Miss Cool) on 24 Sept 2010. Her record company, Gold Typhoon has spent more than NT$2m to create 11 different styles especially for the album. Her overall image has also returned to the androgynous look that many Elva fans had loved. For the album, Elva had written 5 songs and produced 3 of the songs. For the first time, she took charge of the choreography of her dance and collaborated with renowned Taiwanese choreographer Da Jun to create the “cool” dance. Elva said: “I had put in a lot of effort for each album, but this time I contributed more in production of the album. This album is like my new born baby!”
The total costs for the album outfits costs more than NT$2m, which was way over-budgeted, and Elva had to fork out NT$1m. The whole image for Ms Dashing alone costs more than NT$250,000. The belt that Elva wore weighs 5kg and costs NT$60,000. Elva also wore a pair of 20-cm high heels from England brand George Cox. As she was afraid that she might hit her staff with her belt unintentionally, Elva was especially careful when moving around. “Everything on me was so expensive. And with this 5kg belt and the 20cm heels, I became so elegant!” commented Elva. “Being cool is being true to yourself and be decisive in everything you do!”

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