Elva Hsiao plays mother to her brother

Taiwanese diva Elva Hsiao isn't dating Nick Zhou, but she is planning a wedding.

Not for herself, but for her beloved younger brother, whom she had played mother figure to after their mother's passing earlier this year.

When asked by reporters on her personal marriage plans, the singer expressed that more than anything; she plans to fulfil her late mother's wish first.

"Let me fulfil my mother's wish (on getting a daughter-in-law) before I devote myself in my career," Elva expressed.
Elva's younger brother, Hsiao Sheng Yan, had gotten engaged to Juliana, his girlfriend who is five months pregnant on Aug 1.

"I've seen my brother's hard work all this while, I believe that mummy would be happy when she sees him (getting married) in heaven," said Elva at the reception.

The protective sister was also quick to remind the lovebirds to care for each other.

"The two of you have to be forgiving to each other in future."

"Sheng Yan doesn't take care of himself sometimes, you have to take extra care of him," said Elva to the soon-to-be bride while choking back sobs.

The couple has since moved in to stay with Elva temporarily and plans to get married next year.

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