Blog: OMG!

Yeah! finally~ Diamond Candy is finally released!
For yesterday's press conference,
I was feeling nervous since I woke up
Dou miao said I must be over-excited.
She told me not to be so nervous ~haha, I think she's more nervous than me :P

As I descended onto the stage, the butterflies in my stomach were gone :)
Until I unexpectedly saw my benefactor Yao Qian
That was when I could not control my tears anymore
Words could not describe how I felt at that time
Especially when I saw him wearing the "Red Rose" concert T-shirt
OMG!! All the memories!
I vividly remembered my first concert in the rain
So many more things, I just can't finish writing here.

Thanks and much more thanks.
Thanks to those who had helped me along the way
Thanks to my co-workers, Gold Typhoon colleagues, the media (Please no more gossip!! Hahaha )

Of course most importantly thanks to my fans who had supported me all these times!!
You are not just my fans,
but also my family, forever.
I told myself: I will work harder!!

It was a spectacular past 10 years,
For the next 10 years I will continue to shine~ to make you guys proud!

I love you all!!! xoxo
PS: Ticket sales has begun for my WOW Concert World Tour first stop in Taipei

Tickets are limited!! So grab them fast! Last countdown to Taipei Arena!! :)
Oh, thanks to my friends who had expressed their best wishes!

Miss Hsiao would like to thank all of you here!!! lol

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