Diamond Candy Shifted 58,888 Copies in Taiwan

Since the release of Elva's 10th album, Diamond Candy, sales has reached 58,888 copies in Taiwan. Elva fans were given marshmallows at the album's autograph session yesterday to celebrate in appreciation of their support.
Wearing a pink off-shoulder dress, Elva was extremely pleased with the album sales and thanked her fans for their support.
As best pal of Taiwanese actress Yang Jing Hua, Elva was happy that she was nominated for Best Actress in the Golden Bell Awards, the Taiwan's equivalent of the Emmy Awards, "We are not just sisters, we are like husband and wife. Our laughter are becoming similar too!"
When asked who would be the one wearing the pants, Elva joked "Jing Hua is taller, of course she would be the one... I certainly hope that she would win."

Watch the live performance of Elva here.
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