Diamond Candy Press Conference

Elva Hsiao’s 10th album, Diamond Candy, is finally released today! A press conference was held in Taipei yesterday to celebrate the release of the album.
Elva made a grand entrance at the event, descending onto the stage via an automated moving platform. “It feels like performing in a concert, but my one on 31 December will be much more exciting and special!” said Elva.

Joanna Huang, who is Gold Typhoon China division’s chief executive, presented Elva a diamond tiara that was worth NT1m, “Sales of Diamond Candy has been promising, and I hope that Elva would sparkle like a diamond in the Asian music scene after wearing this tiara!”
Elva’s benefactor, Yao Qian, made a surprise appearance at the press conference. Wearing the T-shirt from her 2000 concert, Elva was moved to tears, “The day before I asked my co-worker if there’s any special guest, they told I was good enough!” she laughed, while wiping tears off her face.
After the release of Diamond Candy, Elva will be preparing for her concert, which will be held on New Year’s Eve at the Taipei Arena. “The concert is named ‘2010 Hennessy Music - WOW World Tour’ because I hope that everyone would be wowed when they first see the poster for the concert.” Elva explained. For the poster, Elva posed near naked behind a large diamond, symbolizing her status as a sparkling diamond.
The marketing and sales manager of Hennessy V.S.O.P. also gave Elva a wine bottle made of 168 Swarovski crystals, hoping that Elva’s concert would be sold out!

Watch the video of the press conference here!

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