Elva Talks About Sunny Wang

Rumours of Elva's ex-boyfriend Sunny Wang and pop singer Rainie Yang were spreading strong. When asked while promoting her upcoming album "I Love I" at a radio event, Elva replied nonchalantly "This must be the best Christmas present that he has ever given me!"

It has been six years since Elva's relationship with Sunny Wang ended. Recently, Sunny Wang was spotted touring with Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang in the U.S. Although her relationship had ended long ago, the media continued to question Elva on how she felt about the news.

"It can't be that every time something happens to him, I get questioned." When asked how she felt about his relationship with Rainie Yang, Elva replied "I guess I'm just like everyone, thinking whether is it real or not?" On whether she would give her wishes to them "I hope everyone can find their happiness!" But when asked about her happiness, she lamented "I think it's getting tougher for me to find someone that is compatible."

Elva 12th studio album "I Love I" will be released on 23 Dec 2011. Pre-orders starts 6 Dec 2011. Her first single from the album "I Love I", has hit radio airwaves since 30 Nov 2011.

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