Elva Spents NT$4 million on Her Latest Album Looks

Pre-orders for Elva's latest album "I Love I" start on 6 Dec 2011, and a preview of her album look was released today. The album has two different versions - "Playful Candid I Love" version and "Trendy Romantic Love Me" version.

This is the first time that Gold Typhoon invested NT$3 million to create 13 different mix styles for Elva's album. On top of that, Elva has to fork out NT$1 million to purchase the clothes and accessories that her stylist had borrowed for her publicity period.

To create the all new modern diva image, Elva engaged the special assistance of stylists, photographers and designers from both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hong Kong local brands also lent their hand, sponsoring some of their latest collections. Elva's stylist had a hard time choosing 13 out of over 200 different sets of clothes for her album. "This is what I dreamt of as a kid. Am I in a movie set? my legs are wobbling!" Elva gasped she first enter the changing room.
Preparation for the album has taken a toll on Elva. She had only slept 5 hours in two days while filming her latest music video. To perk herself up, she had her favorite pink champagne ready in her set and her latest single "I Love I" playing in the background. Once she had returned to Taipei from Hong Kong, Elva immediately went for a drip at the hospital to replenish the vitamins in her body. Afterwhich, she immediately went for a 24-hour filming for her music video. "I love my body, but this is really tiring!" screamed Elva.

Fans who listen to Elva's latest single "I Love I" will definitely be on cloud nine! "This is 'Miss Elva' upgraded version. The dance will be totally new!" Elva explained excitedly. Her latest single has already previewed in radio airwaves on 30 November! Her album, "I Love I" will be released on 23 Dec 2011.

Source: Gold Typhoon

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