Miss Elva Music Video Attracted More than 140,000 Hits in 6 days!

Pre-order for Elva’s 11th album, Miss Elva has just started on 8 Sep 2010, and it has pre-order figures have already reached 45,158 copies! Also, the music video of Miss Elva has attracted more than 140,000 hits within 6 days of release. “I’m really happy that my album and music video have received such recognition. I will accept any feedback be it positive or negative!” Elva said.

Two autograph session originally scheduled on 18 and 19 Sep were cancelled due to typhoon warnings. Elva expressed her thoughts via Sina Weibo when she received the news: “For eveyone’s safety, we have cancelled the 18 Sep session first. As everyone knows, I have a reputation of being the ‘Rain God’.”

Elva also thanked everyone who provided feedback on her Miss Elva music video on Youtube. Although the feedback were mostly positive, some were not so positive. Elva was very acceptable to those feedback, and said that Jolin does encounter this situation too. Jolin also commented that Elva’s music video was pretty cool, and the song was unforgettable.

Besides being the month’s mostly commented music video on Youtube, the Miss Elva music video also is the most viewed, most favourited and highest rated video of the month!

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