Elva Supports the Gay Community!

Elva’s latest album, Miss Elva, has started pre-order on 8 Sep, and it has already sold more than 8,000 copies in just one day in Taiwan!

There will be two different pre-order versions. One version will include a large size pictorial while the other version will include a eyeliner from M.A.C. All these gifts will cost the record company more than NT20m!

One of the places for the pictorial photoshoot was a restaurant in Taipei’s Eclat Hotel. With the exquisite decorations in the surrounding, Elva felt that her photos could become part of an art gallery catalogue!

Elva was also invited by the Taiwan Homosexual Hotline Association to become the online ambassador of the first Kao Hsiung Gay Pride Parade, and she even recorded a promotional video for the event. Elva said “I’m very touched that my songs had always been well-received amongst the gay community. I also have many gay friends who are highly professional in their work. Like everyone else, they also need the support from their friends when they are down.”

She revealed that she saw the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles when she was recuperating from her leg injury, and regardless of their orientation, everyone dressed stunningly. She had also penned her thoughts about her experience in Los Angeles in the song, “讓愛飛起來” (Let the Love Fly); in the lyrics, Elva wrote “Enjoy the equality in love, you are beautiful no matter what”. Through the promotional video, Elva hoped that the gay community in Taiwan would be who they are and be beautiful no matter what!

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