Elva Takes on Body Odour

Elva renewed her endorsement deal with Rexona, promoting the brand's antiperspirant on 16 April. To clear the perception that such products are only for those with body odour, Elva explained that the product, like any other kind of lotion, can be used by anyone daily. "I would apply it after a shower. It's even more important than my fake eyelashes!" she joked, adding that it would be very uncomfortable to perspire in this hot weather, so she would use it after her morning shower to keep her body dry and fresh.

Elva recalled an embarrassing moment when she had to hold her breath as one of her dancers had body odour. She also felt lucky that she has not had any boyfriend with such a problem. "The guys that I meet usually would wear a cologne."

This coming Mother's Day would be the first one since her mum passed away on New Year's Day. She has arranged for a dinner with her brother and grandma, "I would never tell my grandma that my mum has left us," she said. Everytime my grandma asks about her, I would say she's away on a trip.

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