Elva Raises Cervical Cancer Awareness

To pay tribute to her mum, who had passed away due to cervical cancer, Elva became the campaign spokesperson to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

The campaign advertisement shows Elva reminding every women to take good care of herself and their surrounding female friends, using her mum and herself as examples, by going for regular checkups and pap smear examination.

Elva revealed that she misses her mum so much that she would hide in a corner to look through the messages that her mum had sent her previously and she would pretend to talk to her mum through the window. She mentioned that she had dreamt of her mum few days earlier, telling Elva that she had found a companion and she's living well, before driving off in a BMW. Elva said that she has since grown up and became stronger to take care of her brother.

To keep Elva busy, her record company had packed her schedule for the year. Besides 2 major performance in China coming up, she would be continuing her concert tour in second half of 2010.

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