Elva's Mum Passes Away at Age 53

After a tough fight with cervical cancer last year, Elva's mum loses the battle on 1 January 2010, 1116hrs.

Elva has been putting a very tough front to perform at her year end concert. In fact, her mum was already in a comatosed state six days before the concert. Using webcast, Elva streamed her concert direct to her mum's ward for her to see her performance. Her 7th song in the concert, "I Love You So Much", reminded her of her mum, and she wept when she thought of her.

Elva specially dedicated her encore song, "Most Familiar Stranger", to her mum: "This is for my mum. I feel that she's always by my side."

After the celebration dinner for her concert at 4 a.m., Elva rushed to the hospital to sing ""I love You So Much" to her mum, and stayed till 8 a.m. before leaving for home to wash up. She had asked her mum to wait for her to return and dance for her. However, before she could perform for her mum, she has already passed away.

Editor: We would like to send our condolences to Elva that we will be always by her side, and we wish that she could pull herself together in this difficult time.

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