Elva WOWs Her Fans in Countdown Concert

Last night (31/12/2009), Elva brought the Taipei Arena down with her “2010 Hennessy Music E!VA WOW Concert”, delivering a solid three-hour performance to all her fans while ushering the new year.
Elva opened the concert with a bang, arriving in a huge diamond ship, clad in a shining silver and white costume. The concert officially begins when her diamond mask gets ripped off by her dancers, sending the crowd into eardrum-breaking screams.
The shining diva next grooved to the dance music of “Shining Love”, “Spokesperson”, “L.o.V.e.” and “Sexyback”, before taking the stage together with special guest, A-mei, who sang her hit song “Victoria’s Secret” and “Come Here If You Dare” with Elva.
Ballads were a definite part of Elva’s concert, with songs like “I Love You So Much”, “Impulsive” and “I’ll Cry With You”, moving Elva and the 10,000 fans to tears as they swayed their lightsticks with the music.

As the countdown to the new year approaches, Elva spoke with tears in welling in her eyes: “It will be 2010 soon, and my Taipei concert is coming to an end. I have finished most of my performance, and I hope that everyone who had chosen to countdown with me was not disappointed, and could feel my effort that I have put in!... After so many years, I have sang many great songs, performed on many stages; but it must be hard for you to imagine that tonight means so much to me. I was quite unlucky these past years, and I thought maybe it was God’s way of telling me to give up. Then I realized that because I have so many things, God wants me to go through some challenges and tears, so that I would never forget to work hard and never forget some things are worth working hard for. Most importantly, I have learnt to cherish things. It was a tough journey for me to come to this stage again and perform for everyone. I will cherish this feeling, this moment that you guys are with me and the stage that you have given me! Thank you all! I love you!”

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