Blog: WOW! WOW! WOW! To 3 No. 1s in a Row!


Yesterday, besides Show and I onscreen,
it's very rowdy behind the scene too!
We are finally recording a mv in Taipei!
Thanks to all my friends for supporting me.
Thanks to Wa Wa, Xiao Guai, Janet, Cindy and Jing Hua for coming.
Wa Wa even bought salt and pepper chicken!
Too bad someone's on a diet, it's too delicious!
Friendship is indeed precious, this album is bound to sell with all their help!
P.S. My cute Elva fans :) I did not forget your support in the rain.
This week we are no. 1 again!
All because of you, yours truly has made it again! Ya!!
Next week, we will clinch three in a row!! Let's work hard together!!
Although I'm in China, but to my fans in Taiwan,
let's make it happen!!

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