Elva Turns Matchmaker

Elva becomes a love guru today, helping female fans to apply her signature Elva look and teaching them the "Shining Love" dance.
She even invited her fan's friend on stage to seek his opinion. She also became a matchmaker, hoping that their relationship will blossom. "I like to see people become an item, so when I have the chance I would matchmake my friends. My success rate is 50%!" When asked if she had ever paired any friends in the showbiz, she replied: "It's a secret."
Her best pal Yang Jin Hua would introduce guys to her, but they were not to Elva's liking. She revealed that she is turned off by guys who only care about themselves, even though they may be handsome. "There was a guy who knew that I love eating prawns, but hates peeling them. So he would always peel the prawns for me to eat. He was so sweet then!"
Although Elva had just fallen out of love, she still has hopes for another relationship. She believes love is the best nourishment for a woman, so she would continue to find her love. But currently work is her top priority and she wished her fans her songs would bring love to her fans. "I really admire Jolin becasue she can focus completely on her work. I need to balance work with love and personal life."

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