Elva Answers Rumours With Lee Wei

Elva turned up for the 99th episode of Taiwan’s top rated variety show “Diamond Club” to promote her upcoming album, “Diamond Candy” ; she also give to everyone at the show lollipops which were specially imprinted with her name.
The host, Regine, sought to confirmed recent rumours of Elva and Lee Wei cohabiting, but she answered firmly: “Do you think it’s even possible?”
Replying such rumours, her manager said: “Both of them are just friends. He was introduced by her best pal Yang Jing Hua.”
To bring back Elva’s childhood memories, a candy floss machine was brought into the studio and the candy floss maker specially spun an extra long candy floss for Elva, making her extremely happy.

Besides "Diamond Club", Elva also recorded "Big Brother", imitating Taiwan's comedian Hui Ci's signature pose.
Photos courtesy of sina.com

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