Elva's Busy Schedule After A Month's Rest

After resting for almost a month at home, Elva is yearning for work. But her first assignment results in her not spending Mid Autumn festival in Taiwan and her schedule will be packed till her concert next year in June.

Her 1-month rest after her celebration concert in 9 August was unexpected of her, because she is viewed as a party animal. She did not party even on her birthday. Her co-workers found her online everyday and was shocked: “How could it be possible? Have you changed?”

From 6 September onwards till 27 September, she will be overseas to continue her promotion tour that was halted because of the Olympics. On Mid Autumn festival, she will not be at home with her mum, instead, she will be attending an event at organised by China’s CCTV channel. At the end of the month, she is scheduled for a mini concert in Singapore.

When she returns to Taiwan, she will begin recording for her next album, slated for a March release. In addition, she will be releasing a book at the end of the year. Her schedule is packed, especially when she has a concert in Taipei next June. Although the pressure is huge, Elva is up for the challenge: “I feel very happy and enriched.”

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