More More More MV

During a sudden rainpour, Jang Hyuk chose not to be late and rushed to oversee the filming of a commercial. The spokesperson was the most popular female artiste, independent Elva.

In the commercial, Elva became a racer, a wushu artist and had a duel with wushu champion Wu Jin. In every scene, Jang Hyuk could see the confidence coming out of independent Elva.

In More More More MV, independent Elva has no limits to what she wants to achieve in her performance. After her performance, Jang Hyuk developed a admiration for independent Elva.

突然来了一场大雨, 张赫选择了不迟到的飞奔前往广告制作摄影棚去监看广告演出---代言人,正是当红的女偶像,自主的Elva.


More More More 自主的Elva对自己的表现的要求,永远是没有极限的。在演出后,张赫对自主的Elva产生了倾慕的眼神...

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