3-Faced Elva Celebration Press Conference

Elva’s first album since her return to EMI Virgin Music, 3-Faced Elva was officially released on 15 June and since then, sales has been soaring in Asia. EMI Virgin Music held a “Elva Hsiao 3-Faced Elva Sincere Asia Celebration Press Conference” on 24 June for the media from all over Asia.

Album sales reached 670,000 copies in 9 days in Asia
Elva wore a black and red diamond-studded dress, oozing elegance from every inch of her. Besides performing her latest single “More More More”, she also shared with the media her feelings when she returned to EMI and the preparations for this album. Her latest music video, More More More, was shown on the giant screen, and it was a feast for Elva fans’ eyes.
During the release of her previous album, 1087, Elva often cried in front of the media due to her leg injury, so she vowed that she would be on all smiles this time. But when the host related the time when her mother was sick and she insisted on working, Elva could not control her tears and turn around briefly to wipe her tears, which showed that her mother means a lot to her. When she saw the video that her friends had recorded to gave her support, tears began to gather in her eyes: “Time really flies, it feels like I’d just started out as a new singer. I would like to thank everyone who had stood by my side and I’m glad that my effort has been recognised by all of you.”
As the saying goes – no pain, no gain, Huang Wei Jing, Vice President of EMI Music Chinese division, who saw Elva grew up over the years, brought good news to the event. She announced that in just 9 days since the album release on 15 June, 3-Faced Elva has sold 675,382 copies in Asia. The album took top spot in many album charts and digital downloads has been promising. Her record company promised that a celebration concert will be coming up soon.

3-Faced Elva shows different facets of Elva

To share the joy with Elva’s fans around the world, sina.com broadcasted the event ‘live’ on its website, and the discussion board was buzzing with well wishes from her fans.
When asked about the reason for naming the album “3-Faced Elva”, Elva explained that she has many different personalities, and she might even be a “10-Faced Elva”. Eventually, she deliberated with her team her 3 most striking personalities, which transformed to the 3 themes of this album – Sincere, Independent and Courageous.
Elva said that the album will have different versions and covers, and the album artwork will be different too, hence, she joked that she had spent the effort of producing 3 albums for “3-Faced Elva”. In the album, she also penned the lyrics of several songs, and it was not an easy task for her to fit the lyrics to the theme of the album. To deliver a quality and fantastic music video, she even tried her hands (and legs) on wushu and learnt new dance moves. “Although it’s physically tiring, it’s mentally satisfying.”
She said that personally, she’s more like a sincere Elva, although she’s a true independent Elva on the stage. “It’s weird, when I’m off the stage, I’m extremely shy, and my friends often laughed at me for behaving like a little girl.” She hoped that her female fans can give more love to themselves and male fans give more respect to the opposite sex. The media joked that she’s like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She happily replied that she loved the movie and her devotion to love is just like Carrie. She also admires the character of Charlotte York, who is easily satisfied. She further said that she would choose wisely now and would not be so blindly in love.
MV is a stepping stone for the big screen
Given that mix and match is fashion, Elva brought this concept into this album, “If I want to do something, I might as well do it differently.” She carefully selected 12 different pop tunes, and dabbled on new music arrangements, mixing her own music tunes. Lots of money were spent on the music videos, with Korean star Jang Hyuk and wushu champion Wu Jin lending their hands to the filming. Elva also shared a bed scene with Jang Hyuk, her most daring attempt to date. The filming gave her great experience in acting and she expressed that she wished to appear on the big screen. If the movie schedule does not clash with her music career, she would consider taking up a role. Her managing company is reviewing scripts for her currently.
According to EMI Virgin Music, Elva will be flying to Shanghai to start her promotional tour. A website has been set up at www.3elva.com, where fans can view the different looks of 3-Faced Elva and engage with Elva in interactive activities on the site.   

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