Elva Hsiao has steamy dance in "Super Girl"

Taiwanese pop diva Elva Hsiao, showed off her sexy moves at an autograph signing session for new album, "Super Girl Fearless Love" recently. According to Jayne Stars, Elva appeared at the event on 16 December in a yellow hummer with her 4 back-up dancers in a super girl costumes. 

The diva herself was wearing a funky costume from her fashion line, Carry Me, the image of a sexy super heroine. They danced to her new dance track, "Super Girl", gyrating sexily similar to the moves in her previous videos. 

Elva's performance was received with much applause, so much so that a 17-year-old fanboy rushed to the stage unexpectedly with a bouquet of flowers and proposed to her! "Please marry me! I will become your Kenny!" he beseeched. While pleasantly surprised, Elva rejected him gently, saying, "But I don't know you. Let's be friends first!" 

It is well-known that Elva only has eyes for Taiwanese singer-actor, Kai Ko, despite their age gap of 12 years. "Super Girl Fearless Love" is Elva's 13th album since she started her singing career in 1999. The album features 30 hit singles and 5 new singles, including a duet with Han Geng, "Best Listener". 

Source: Yahoo Singapore

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