Vote for Elva in Singapore Hit Awards 2011

Please vote for Elva Hsiao for the Most Popular Female Singer in the Singapore Hit Awards 2011!

Voting Instructions

SMS SHA F8 to 72346

Voting Start: 19 Sept 2011
Voting End: 3 Oct 2011
- Each SMS costs $0.50 (excluding GST).
- For those under 18 years, please seek parental consent before participating

第17届新加坡金曲奖SMS 简讯投选

简讯发送格式:sha 空格 F8

投选日期:2011年9月19日 - 10月3日;
* 简讯投选结果将占据最受欢迎奖项总成绩分的40%,另外60%根据合格期内的醉心龙虎榜成绩。
- 只限月付型手机用户(post-paid users)
- 未满18者须先获家长同意

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