ELVA to walk on red carpet at the Grammys

ELVA will be walking the red carpet with Jamie Foxx at the Grammys on February 13th. ELVA had met Foxx last year when they collaborated on a charity EP during Christmas time. Foxx also donated $500,000 (US) for the event. And this time, he invited ELVA to be his partner to walk with him on the red carpet.

As the first Taiwanese singer to walk on the Grammy's red carpet, ELVA has prepared five different gowns, costing a million TWD. She has also lost 3 Kg within a week, which she hopes she can look her best on the big night. According to various news sources, Foxx will help introduce ELVA to US record companies for possible future collaborations. ELVA expressed that she’s very excited and nervous, but she doesn’t dare to think too much about it.

Source: UDN via CpopAccess.com

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