Elva Records Christmas Single for Charity

To promote the importance of healthy children in Africa, Elva gathered various artistes such as Angela Zhang, Vanness Wu and Dee Hsu to record a single for charity, titled “Let Everyday be a Christmas Day”. Proceeds for the sale of the single will go towards the Taiwan World Vision Children Health Campaign.

Elva expressed that her visit to Kenya this July gave her much strength and inspiration “What we have as an individual here far outweighs what their tribe could afford.” She recalled that before she left Kenya, a Kenyan mother held her hand and told her not to forget them. Since then, her promise had been etched in her mind and she felt that helping them through a collective effort would be more effective than an individual one.

In October, Elva started conceptualizing the project, and wanted to gather many people to do something for the children. But because of the busy schedules of many artistes, this project was nearly aborted! Because of what her pastor had told her, Elva pushed on no matter how tired or busy she was.

Elva said “As we only have two weeks to produce the single, it was especially pressurizing for the team. Some of them did not sleep for 3 days, some broke down, and I heard even the director had cried a few times!” She revealed that this was the first time that she felt like fainting because of the recording of the single. What spurred the team on was the encouragement for one another. “Everyone’s effort had helped to produce this Christmas present for the children’s future!”

Elva’s efforts had paid off, as even Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx pitched in by recording a video to help promote the campaign. The actor also donated US$50,000 to the campaign. Jamie knew of the campaign through Elva, who had knew him before and had told him about the campaign.

Watch the music video here!

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