Miss Elva Sold 75,326 copies in 10 days!

 In just 10 days of its release, sales of Elva’s latest album, “Miss Elva” have exceeded expectations, clinching top position in7 music charts in Taiwan. Elva’s record company, Gold Typhoon, specially held an event in an ice cream parlour to celebrate the album’s sweet success! “I’m really happy, and I thank everyone who had brought “Miss Elva” to every part of the world!” Elva said. 

The album did better than Elva’s last album, Diamond Candy, which took the top position for 12 charts after 26 days of its release. “Knowing that the album has done well has made me extremely happy even amidst my busy schedule. This is a new beginning after my first ten years. I glad to say that Miss Elva is ready!”

To reflect the sweet dreamy feel of her 3rd music video, Rhapsody, Gold Typhoon engaged a magician to produce her sales figures out of nothing! When it was announced that her album had sold 75,326 copies, Elva was very grateful for those who had supported her and was amazed by the performance “The magician is so cool. No wonder Jay Chou likes to perform magic. I could try it too during my next concert!”

To thank her fans, Elva specially created mixed flavor ice cream consisting of mango, strawberry and vanilla flavor for her fans. Her record company also made an exception, allowing her to eat the ice cream with the rest of her fans, despite wanting her to watch her weight. “I don’t usually eat sweet stuff, but I would be very happy every time I eat it. I especially love sorbet!”

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