Elva's Secret Admirer Declares His Love

Elva was surprised when she saw the newspaper on 29 Sep. A secret admirer had posted a half-page declaration of love for her, which reads:

"Dear Elva,

Without you, I'd would be a soul without a purpose.
Just one smile from you would make my whole world bright.
Forgive me for wanting to be with you when I grow old.
Now all I ask is one chance, to try to win your heart.


"It's so romantic, it would be a plus point if I like him too." she said when she saw the note.

There were many speculations on the admirer. Many pointed out that L.S. could be Sunny, her former boyfriend, and L.S. would mean Love Sunny. When asked, Sunny denied it and said that he did not know about this, and did not think that he would woo Elva again. Her record company, Gold Typhoon, also denied allegations of publicity. Elva subsequently responded via Weibo that she found out who that person is, and stated that it is "irreversible".

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