Elva Promotes Equality in Love

The 4th music video from Elva's latest album, Miss Elva, was released early this week. Titled "Let Me Fly In", the music video showed that love can transcends genders, and encouraged everyone to be who they really were and not conform to societal norms.

There were two version of the music video, the "Ice Breaker" version and the "Rainbow" version, released on 12 and 14 Oct respectively on Channel V and MTV channel. As the music video was rated mature theme, the video could not be shown during family hours from 5pm to 9pm daily. Hearing this news, Elva immediately requested for the music videos to be uploaded on Gold Typhoon's website.

After the loss of her mum early this year, Elva had showed more care towards her friends. She wanted to let everyone know that love is equal through the song. "I believe that any love should not be discriminated as long as no one is hurt!"

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