Miss Elva Media Preview

On 6 Sep, an exclusive media preview was held for Elva’s 11th album – Ms Elva. More than 30 press media, renowned music producers and critics were invited to preview all 12 songs from the album, slated to be released on 24 Sep. “Although my record company told me that I’m the lead of the show, when I saw so many experienced musicians , I felt like I’m turning up for an exam!” Elva gasped.

At the event, the media also had the first look at the music video of Ms Elva. Elva shared her first experience of dancing for more than 30 hours for a music video, and even showed off her Elva Dance moves. “This is the album that I had contributed the most towards its production. Besides producing 3 songs, I also wrote 5of the songs! If last year’s Diamond Candy was a milestone; 10 years of hard work had ended on a sweet note. It is a new beginning now. I can view things from a more objective perspective. To me, Ms Elva is a totally new chapter in my life!” Elva said.

Elva also took the opportunity to thank Gold Typhoon’s CEO (China Division) – Joanna Huang, and her co-workers. “Thank you so much for organizing this, allowing me to be like my idol A-mei, who initiated her album preview session with the media. The same host was even hired for the event!”

Many experienced music producers commended Elva after the preview. Producer Ding Xiao Wen said “This album really allowed me to know Elva!” Lin Long Xuan, judge of Golden Melody Awards, commented “The new songs were very unique!” Others said that they have noticed improvements in Elva’s performance, and that there is a perfect combination between her voice and the music.

Hearing the comments, Elva said “This feels like a singing competition. The pressure is so high! But it makes me feel like I’m starting to become a real singer!”

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