Miss Elva Celebratory Autograph Session

Elva held a celebratory autograph session yesterday (25 Sep) at Ximending, Taipei, for the impressive sales of her album, Miss Elva, released on 24 Sep. The album sold more than 300,000 copies within one day in Asia, and just in Taiwan the album sold 55,819 copies. The music video of Miss Elva also attracted more than 215,000 hits within 14 days of its debut on YouTube.

Elva was pleased with the results of the album, “I had put in a lot of effort into the production of the album. And I thank everyone for giving me your support. I hope that this album would be a totally new beginning for my career!”

The autograph session was postponed to yesterday due to typhoon warnings. Elva was especially grateful that the weather was fine, and said that she had prayed the night before for good weather, “I felt that my company’s decision to postpone the autograph session is a wise one, because many people in Tainan were affected by the typhoon. As an artist, I would be glad to go to Tainan soon to bring happiness to everyone there!”

Her record company, Gold Typhoon, specially tailored a slick jumpsuit for Elva, taking inspiration from Uma Thurman in the movie, Kill Bill. (The suit reportedly costs a whopping 6-figure sum.) But under the 31 degrees weather, Elva felt extremely hot in her outfit, saying that she might have released more than 1kg of perspiration!

When asked about her love life, Elva replied “I’m glad that many of friends have found their other half. But I’m putting my career first. I will let nature take its course, and I don’t deny that there are suitors!”

To thank Elva’s fans for their support, those who had bought the album were entitled to a free poster at the event. For those who had pre-order, the record company also gave a free “Miss Elva” MV DVD!

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