Elva Renews Her Vows with Gold Typhoon

 Elva renews her contract with Gold Typhoon! A “wedding reception” was held on 20 Sep to symbolize Elva’s marriage with the record company. With 10 years of collaboration, Elva joked in her speech “Thank you for the care that you have showered me over the past 10 years, even though I had an ‘affair’ during this time!”

Elva said that she had the good company of those from then EMI Music, which was re-grouped to become Gold Typhoon. Together, they had achieved spectacular results. Gold Typhoon not only cared about Elva, they had also made Elva a media and endorsement darling. The record company had always provided full support during Elva’s events, they were with her at various chapters of her career, from an up and coming singer to the Asian pop diva that Elva is now!

Witnessed by the Asian media, Elva renewed her contract with Gold Typhoon for a period of two years, at a rooftop garden. Last year, Elva held the press conference for her album, Diamond Candy, in the same building. To signify that she had risen to a higher level, the reception was held at the roof top. It was considered a leather wedding anniversary as Elva’s last contract with Gold Typhoon was for a period of 3 years. Therefore, Elva wore a white leather wedding gown for the reception. Together with Gold Typhoon’s CEO (Greater China and Taiwan) Joanna, they renewed their “vows” for a period of 2 years.

Joanna said “Everyone could see the efforts that Elva has put in over the years. I thank her for giving Gold Typhoon the opportunity to be with her over the past 10 years. We are glad that we can continue to be with her for the next two years of her career. We also hope that her upcoming album, Miss Elva, would deliver superb results!”
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