Elva Hsiao WOWs!

Flashy and ostentatious was the order of the day.
Starting with a string of powerful dance numbers, the songstress took to the stage in a highly anticipated two-hour long concert.
Gyrating to tunes such as, 'Tomorrow', ''Spokesperson, and 'L.O.V.E', Elva made her grand entrance with much aplomb, emerging onto the stage from a giant silver diamond.
Decked out in a glitzy diamond studded white pants suit, the star displayed divalicious charm throughout her ten lavish costumes changes over the course of her show, with each outfit designed to match the concert's diamond-theme.
"With such a shiny dress I have on today, you'd still be able to see me no matter how dark it is outside," Elva said, poking fun of her "blings."
"And I shall be the moon, YOUR moon today!" she concluded.
On stage, the pop star impressed the crowd with her - literally eye-hurting -- pretty pins, showing her versatility as she cruised effortlessly back and forth from sexy to cute during her repertoire of song changes.
Perhaps apologetic for her long absence in Singapore, Elva lauded concertgoers with praises for the nation, which local fans lapped up delightfully.
"Singapore is such an awesome place, would you all welcome me if I was to immigrate here? It won't be a bad idea if I move here to be Stefanie Sun's neighbour!"
 The 31-year-old, who lost her mother to cancer last year, appeared to have walked out of her heartache, telling the crowd, "Despite life's highs and lows, tonight is the highlight of it all."

Source: XinMsn

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