Elva: It's All About the Feeling

To Elva Hsiao, it doesn't matter how young or old the guy she dates is as long as the feeling is right.

'Feeling' is a rather ambiguous term to use, so what does Elva mean? Is it being caring? Or being responsible?

"I'm not looking for a marriage partner! When the feeling is there, it's there; it's that simple."

Elva will be holding her world tour in Singapore in September. While interviewed over the phone, Elva admitted that she just wants to live for the moment.

Despite the cryptic answers, Elva's actions seem to be echoing what she said. The 30-year-old was said to be seeing 21-year-old Nick Chou a few months ago. Elva later clarified that they are just friends, but added that it is not impossible for them to develop that relationship.

Having come from a broken family herself, Elva's takes on romance tends to take a more practical stand.

"Marriage is just a piece of paper; two people in love can go on forever even without it. Wouldn't it be even sadder when the love fizzles out after you get hitched? The most important thing is about two people opening up their hearts to each other."

Relationships under the spotlight rarely last due to the pressure and Elva also admits that it is difficult to maintain a relationship given how the paparazzi work. She revealed that even the simplest things can be complicated when it reaches the papers.

Having been a victim of unfavourable new reports, Elva appears to be taking all these in her stride.

"If it's a minor issue I can just laugh it off. If it's over the top, the company will handle it for me."

"The most important thing that's remembered is the artiste's efforts.

Elva's efforts have not gone unrecognised: she was recently awarded the Top 10 Favourite Artistes award in the inaugural NEXT Magazine Awards alongside other artistes such as Show Luo and Jolin Tsai.

"This is a confirmation of my efforts; I will continue to work hard."

For her 2010 Elva WOW World Tour poster, Elva had to wear a skin-coloured outfit to achieve the nude effects.

Elva admitted that while it started off awkward, the shoot went on well as everyone was very professional.

"Actually, other than the photographer, the rest of the crew are guys who are not interested in females, so it felt like I'm hanging out with my sisters," Elva quipped.

In order to handle the rigourous performance routines in her concert - in one segment she has to sing and dance for 25-minutes non-stop - Elva has been training hard and working on her physical strength.

She has also been working closely with her costume designers to make sure no wardrobe malfunction will occur when she performs.

When asked if fans will get to see her show some skin in her concert, the cheeky star asked us to find out for ourselves at the concert. 

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