Blog: The Biggest Present in My Life

Less is more. Because words cannot fully express their feelings and desires.
When it is time to leave everything behind, what do you really want?
It's love, care, sunshine, air, flowers, water and food, the basic necessities.
Let's say, if your sibling said "Sis, I have not eaten rice for a long time, could you help me pack lunch please?"
I think you would, at that time, start to tear, and would fill up his fridge unconditionally.
People who are dependent on the weather for a living. They are not lazy or greedy; it's just that rain has not fall upon them for the longest time.
Crops are withering, animals are dying. Their family members becoming thinner by the day.

I hope everyone could head to the nearest 7-11 store to donate to the World Vision.
For those who can contribute more, please visit

Let us continue to see their smiles, and allow them to continue to breathe happily.

God Bless

love elva xoxo
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