2010 E!va WOW Concert Singapore - 4 Sept 2010


被誉为华语四小天后之一的萧亚轩将为你展现最WOW、最让人呼叫的『2010 E!va 萧亚轩WOW世界巡回演唱会』。

无论是Gareth Pugh 充满未来科技感的炫酷元素,还是Viktor & Rolf 建筑雕塑轮廓感极强的前卫造型,都在整场服装中得以体现。经典的Lady Gaga式假发换成了更适合亚洲人的黑色,妆容部分唯有眼部小烟熏配合整体酷帅中性风,复古塑身衣改良的旱地泳装搭配镶满水钻的紧身裤,闪闪惹人爱!十套闪亮华服打造出“十款女神”造型,绝对是一场霓裳视觉盛宴!

『2010 E!va萧亚轩WOW世界巡回演唱会』是由CITISPA荣誉呈现,MediaCorp Vizpro International 与UnUsUaL Entertainment 带给您。

Be captivated by the high-energy dance tracks and soulful ballads of Taiwanese pop singer, Elva Hsiao, as she performs live in Singapore this September!

Elva Hsiao’s brand new world tour, “2010 Elva Hsiao WOW World Tour”, took off in Taipei last year, where she delivered a three-hour spectacular performance at the Taipei Arena, while ushering in the new year.

In between the ten outfit changes that saw her morphed from a sweet candy girl to an impersonation of Lady Gaga, the shining diva grooved to her hit dance tracks such as “Shining Love”, “Spokesperson”, “L.O.V.E.”, “Tomorrow”, and “The Theme Song Of Love”, before moving all with her many ballads that include “I Love You So Much”, “Impulsive”, “Nobody”, “Kiss” and “The Most Familiar Stranger” and more.

2010 Elva Hsiao WOW World Tour is proudly presented by CITISPA, brought to you by MediaCorp Vizpro International and UnUsUaL Entertainment.

Tickets available at all sistic outlets or book online at www.sistic.com.sg

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