Blog: You Are My Greatest Source of Wealth

My dear babies,
It's already my fourth day in China.
Besides the lack of sleep,
I am feeling happy everyday!
From Beijing, Chengdu to the recording in Hangzhou.
All of you gave me so much surprises and enthusiasm.
During the telecast of Chinese Music Awards,
I could see all of you in every shot!
You guys are great! You are my greatest source of wealth!

I recorded a "Don't Forget the Lyrics" programme on my first day in Hangzhou.
How could it be so fun?
It made me forget that I've only slept for 2 hours~ Haha
Elva babes please remember to watch the telecast!
You will know why it is so funny!!

Alright, I heading for the bed, good night!
See ya at the autograph session tomorrow at Ningbo.

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