Elva Distributes NT200k to Co-Workers

Gold Typhoon held its annual Dinner and Dance in Taipei’s New York New York on Friday (05/02/2010) to celebrate the success of the record company over the past year. Many of the label’s artistes attended the dinner, including Elva Hsiao, A-Mei and Lollipop.

To thank her co-workers for the hard work that they had put in, Elva distributed NT200k worth of red packets and forked out NT300k to subsidise a getaway trip for her co-workers. A-mei also expressed her gratitude by giving out NT400k to her co-workers as bonus.

Seeing how generous A-mei and Elva were, Lollipop said: “As 1st-time host for the dinner and dance, we are definitely nervous, but we will put up a good show. Next year, we will give out money instead, and we will not lose out to Elva and A-mei.”

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