Elva Bids Goodbye to Her Mum

Elva bids farewell to her mum, sending her off with her ballad “I Love You So Much”. At the day of cremation, Elva broke down into tears while her mum’s coffin was transported slowly into the blazing fire. “Mum, run quickly!” cried Elva.

Strange things had happened after Elva’s mum had passed away. The last few days before the cremation, Elva and her brother had the same dream about her mum talking to both of them in the hospital ward. Also, every morning when Elva woke up from her sleep, she would see moths flying in the house. She believed that her mum had come to visit her and telling them that she was on the way to heaven.

After the funeral, Elva would resume work for her concert in Macau.

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