Blog: A Belated Thank You

I’m fine, still hanging on. My emotions have been going through a roller coaster ride. I think I’m still a kid, waiting to be cared by my mum…

Losing the wings of my mum, I began to fly on my own. I promised my mum that I would fly higher and further than her. Although my heart still hurts, it’s slowly healing, thanks to my co-workers, my brother and my friends. As mum has said: “The elder sister should always behave like the mother of the house, so I must recover much faster.”

After the memorial, besides running some errands, I’m beginning to live normally by meeting up with friends. Everyone is trying hard to cheer me up, making me laugh and joke around.

However, my emotions would quickly cool down, and I wished that time could make me forget everything and get use to what has happened. A month has passed, whenever I see my handphone and the number which could no longer be dialed…

Actually, I wanted to thank everyone who had given me their support. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do so earlier because I was too caught up with grief! My friends really love me, and it reminded me that I’m very blessed. I’m very touched and I will treasure your love. I wish to do more for all of you, to let you know my gratitude. But I really miss my mum, the world best mum.

Lastly, I still have to thank all of you. Your smile warms my heart, Although I have lost my feelings for a while, I still love to see you and hear you.

At the Macau concert on 23/1, please sing along with me and give me your greatest support. I will recover to be your iron Elva on that day. I’ll be back.

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