Elva Shortens Her lifespan for Her Mum's Health

Bad news struck as Elva prepares for her “2010 Hennessy E!VA WOW Concert”, coming up in one week’s time. Her mum’s has been diagnosed with cervical cancer few months ago and her condition has recently worsened.

Elva has been taking time off from her concert rehearsals to rush to the intensive care unit to visit her mum. To pray for her mum’s health, Elva went to the temple and asked the gods for her lifespan to be shortened by 10 years in return for her mum’s recovery. She had to kowtow for 800m and only received the consent from the deities at the fifth round.

To take care of her mum, Elva has not slept for almost two days and nights. As her mum’s wish is to see Elva perform in the Taipei Arena, the concert production crew specially arranged for a live telecast to the ward for her to see Elva’s performance.

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Do take good care of yourself.
Everything will be fine.
My prayers will go to your mummy.

Be strong.