Elva Pulls Punches for Her Concert

As Elva’s “2010 Hennessy Music E!VA WOW World Tour” draws near, the pop diva took time out to show off the results of her fitness regime at the boxing ring!

Wearing black boxing gloves, Elva was extremely energetic: “I did not know that the exercise would be so good at stress relieving. Five minutes into it and I’m sweating profusely, feeling all perked up!”

Elva said that she has been practicing pilates regularly because she can do it alone in her own private space and it allows her to tone her muscles. After trying on boxing gloves in the music video of “Goodbye Bye Bye”, she became highly interested in the sport: “After listening to the instuctor’s explanation, I realized that boxing requires both hand and leg co-ordination as well as intense concentration. Besides pulling punches in the air, I can also beat up my opponent. All the screaming and punching was such a relief for me!”

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