Elva Messes Around with Huang Jing Lun

Huang Jing Lun’s sophomore album, “OK Man”, will be released soon. As a bachelor, Huang Jing Lun had always wanted to be a “OK Man”, so that he will not be flustered when he meets his dream girl. Therefore, his record company, Warner Music, arranged for him to pass four tests as set by Elva, F.I.R., Huang Xiao Hu and Show Luo.

The first test was set by Elva, who wanted Jing Lun to learn the dance steps from her “WOW” music video. This was a challenge for Jing Lun, who had problem with hand and leg co-ordination.
“Immediately after work I stayed at home to watch the music video for more than 30 times and practiced the moves myself. I even dreamt of Show Luo!”says Jing Lun.
Rehearsing for the first time, Elva burst into laughter, “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed. It’s so unprofessional.”

“It’s okay, no female artiste has never laughed when they worked with me,”joked the Singaporean singer.

Elva said that she was shocked by Jing Lun’s expression and he had a presence of a Lion King, “Especially when I sat on the stage and he slowly moved towards me, his eyes were so passionate and his dance moves were great!”

“I spent three days practicing, imagining myself to be Show Luo. But I know I can very different from Show, at least I have my own style!” replied Jing Lun, who surely knows his limits.

“At least you are funnier than Show!” encouraged Elva.

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