A-mei is the 2nd Guest for Elva' Concert!

Elva’s “2010 Hennessy Music E!VA WOW World Concert Tour” is about to kick start on New Year’s eve, and Golden Melody Award winnder A-mei is slated to be the special guest for her concert!

“My fans thought that Show would be my special guest since he has filmed a short concert clip and sang “WOW” with me. But they have guessed it wrong! This special guest is non other than my senior from Gold Typhoon – Amei!”says Elva.

Elva revealed that A-mei has always been the top choice as her guest in the online poll, and Elva has always wanted to work with her. Although she knew that it would be a difficult task, she spent almost one month to persuade her with the help of the record company.

“I love A-mei ever since I was a student. And I would sing her songs in front of the mirror! I actually voted for A-mei (in the online poll). Although we have never collaborated before, I believe we will have a lot of fun! ”

A-mei’s “Amit First Concert World Tour” is also starting on 28 Nov, and she has had 3 invitations to perform at countdown parties in Taiwan. As she does not want to be kept busy running around, she declined all offers. But when she received the invitation form Elva, she immediately agreed to it, “I realized I can mix Elva’s ‘ Shining love’ with my song ‘Come Here If You Dare’. It will be a lot of fun!”

Elva could not believe it when she first heard the news that A-mei has agreed to be her guest, “I’m so touched!” And A-mei also said that she will give a unforgettable performance with Elva.

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