Elva Unveils SWAROVSKI Christmas tree

Austrian crystal producer SWAROVSKI recently created a crystal Christmas tree in Taipei 101 to usher in the Christmas season. Elva was invited to grace the unveiling of the Christmas tree.

“I’m very happy to be the special guest for this year’s event. Besides wearing crystal accessories, I would like to have a crystal Christmas tree at home too. So I felt like I’ve owned the tree today,” says the pop diva.
The 30-year old songstress, who is slated for a year-end concert, also revealed that she loves to spend time with her family and friends during the Christmas season. And the exchange of gift would be the highlight of the festive period. SWAROVSKI’s Christmas tree decorations are also hot favourites for Christmas gifts.

“The SWAROVSKI Christmas tree is so beautiful, everyone should come and take a picture!” reminds Elva.

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