Elva Tones Up for Her Concert

Elva held an autograph session for the repackaged edition of “Diamond Candy” at the open square of Taipei’s General Hospital, wearing a mini black dress and with a ponytail. To prepare her for the upcoming concert on New Year’s Eve, Gold Typhoon specially engaged a personal trainer for Elva. When she saw the huge present, she thought it would be a Chippendale, as what she had seen in other parties. But when she opened the present and saw the trainer, Simon, her face turned red immediately: “The trainer reminds me of Peking Duck because his muscles are huge! I would like to ask him for tips on how to make my chest muscles bigger! Haha.”
Simon first demonstrated to Elva how to tone her arms using dumbbells: “Elva lifted dumbbells in her music video ‘Goodbye Bye Bye’, so I thought I would teach her this set of exercise first, so that she would look good wearing sleeveless outfits on stage!” says the American College of Sports Medicine accredited trainer. After a few sets of training, Elva began to felt her arms have toned up a lot, “I want to have the body of Gisele Bundchen. With Simon’s help, it should not be a problem for me to show off my results at my concert!”
Elva’s 10th album, “Diamond Candy’, has only been released for a month, and the album has already taken over the top position for more than12 music charts. In her repackaged album, she has a duet with Show Luo, titled “WOW”. “’WOW’ is not only the theme song for my concert, but also the official music for the online dance game ‘Dance Revolution’.” To show their appreciation for Elva, the distributor of the game gave her a lifetime membership card.
At the autograph session, Elva also performed her fourth single, “Goodbye Bye Bye” as well as the ballad, “Countdown”. Her fans were so excited that one of them had breathing difficulties and had to be taken care of by medical personnel. Seeing that, Elva became rather worried for her fans: “You guys have to take good care of yourself okay?” says the pop diva

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