Elva is Her Grandma's Butterfly

Elva’s latest album, Diamond Candy, delivered many visual treats and was a hit with many of her fans; however, her grandma and mother had differing views.

Her grandma feels that Elva is like a butterfly living in a colourful and interesting world and she loves her sweet long hair look.

But her mother prefers her when she is more opinionated. Therefore, the short hair look for the album was created for her.

In the album, Elva wrote the lyrics for the song “Frankness”, which is a song about her feelings and memories. When she first heard the melody of the song, she was very emotional and wrote the song within three hours.

She feels that by writing her own songs, her fans can relate better to her inner feelings. Her fans in Singapore have been twittering her to ask when she would be coming to Singapore, the pop diva replied that she would only be coming to the sunny island next year.

For videos of the interview, please click here!

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