Elva & Her Golden Glove

As a fashionista, Elva wished she could give her fans a visual treat from her outfit, so she asked her good friend Wawa to make create her accessories. After more than ten weeks of designing and handiwork, a bling bling golden hand glove was finally created.

“Wow, it’s even more beautiful than I expected,” screams Elva when she first saw the glove. “I have always love Wawa’s design, so when we first started to brainstorm the outfits for my concert I immediately requested for her help. I told her I would have a lot of hand movement and I need the shining effect, so we came up with a golden glove idea.”
Wawa said:“I love Elva’s style, and I waned to add some accessories on her. So I was working towards a more edgy yet nostalgic look. We had a great time working together. The golden glove was reported worth NT30,000.

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