Elva Brings Sight, Smell & Taste to the Arena

Elva’s “2010 Heinnessy Music E!VA WOW World Tour” will kick start on New Year’s Eve, and Elva has announced previously that she will give her fans an experience of “Sight, Smell and Taste”, which makes many fans guessing what she could come up with. “When I’m performing ‘Red Rose’, rose petals will descend from the top of the Arena, and fans will be able to smell Chanel’s ‘CHANCE’ perfume at the same time. I’m really grateful for Chanel’s sponsor!” says Elva.
The ‘Smell’ experience will be the most difficult to execute, as Elva and her team had cracked their brains for almost a month to think of a way to fill the whole Arena with perfume within a minute! Fortunately, after they had met the executives from Chanel and told them their ideas, the executives immediately agreed to sponsor the perfumes!

This will be Elva’s second collaboration with Chanel. Previously in 2004, she was invited by ELLE magazine to fly to Paris for the Chanel fashion show, and photos of the event were published in her best hits album, ‘Beautiful Episode’. After 5 years, Elva is very excited about the concert and the collaboration with the fashion label. “I would like to thank Chanel for their support. Their ‘CHANCE’ perfume is not only one of the most popular scent amongst teenagers, it’s also one of my personal favourite!”
Elva further elaborates on the theme for her concert: “’Sight’ means giving my fans a great performance and wearing my tailor-made outfits. And after confirming Jing Hua as my special guest, we exchanged text messages constantly to discuss what kind of spectacular performance we can do. As for the red rose petals, I hope to give my fans a romantic feeling, so I have prepared to sing hit ballads like ‘I Loved You So Much’ and ‘The Most Familiar Stranger’.

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